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Originally Posted by rayezilla View Post
Hmmm, I appear to have been misinformed. However you will find that the phaser proc increases TTK only as long as the enemy has shields, putting it squarely in the same category as tetryon weapons and polaron for STFs. These weapons have a minimal TTK effect.

Disruptors and antiproton have the largest ttk effect in pve, mathematically, but it isn't only about time to kill. I accept that phaser weapons are usable in pve. Thank you for the enlightening conversation.
Please provide facts of these statements.

Weapons are the same, save for Anti-proton which gets a small crit spike, but in truth unless you SPEC/BUILD to that, as with any weapon system you do not get the full advantage of it. You can make any weapon system eat through a hull quickly if you spec into it properly.

No one weapon is better then the next currently if any ship losses it shields and you are hitting a bare hull in pve or in pvp, save for plasma which the borg have a natural 15% resistance to, if the captain of that ship has done their homework and has all the proper skills. If you loose your shields, especially in pvp, you probably will not last but seconds.

The phaser proc still works on vessels without shields, shutting down engines, weapons, and auxillary which directly affects healing and recovery powers. Reviewing logs from last night STF run on the MourneBlade, the phaser proc was still activating on the elite cube, with shields down.

I got off the phone with my friend who ran some STF with me last night. My damage vs my friend who runs anti-proton in the very same exact settings, weapons and type (Mk XII) and ship I have actually was out-damaged by me by 12,345 points in the ISE. The next STF instance we run, he out-damaged me 10,985 points CSE. He did not run the KASE with me so there is no comparison.

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