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06-21-2012, 06:31 AM
Challenge Ideas

Idea 1

"A new species has been discovered and your superiors have tasked you with making First Contact with them."

I think this idea would allow for two very different mission types between the Federation side and the KDF side. Feds would most likely be evaluating Prime Directive and whether this particular species was far enough along, while the Klingons would likely be trying to either bring them into the fold or destroy them outright.


Idea 2

"You have received a mysterious message from faceless voice that claims to be from one of the Mirror Universes. Against the better judgement of your Science Officer, you decide to follow up."


Idea 3

"Reports indicate that an enemy fleet is gathering and threatening to attack a friendly system. You have been ordered to intercept the fleet and stop them using any means you have available."