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Hello Captains,

There have been a few questions that have come up recently regarding who is able to post in the STO forums, so I'd like to try and answer some of them here.

While anyone can read the forums, only Gold Members, and Silver Players who have ever had a subscription or have made a C-Store purchase*, can post in the forums**.
Here is the conundrum. If I paid roughly $100 for c-points, through the use of a credit card, would that not qualify me for more posting privileges? Even though I am a 'Free 2 Play' player, the amount I have injected into c-points out paces the monthly subscription fees. Until you folks got rid of the system, I was buying virtual c-points cards. As a mater of fact, I just bought another set of c-points last week.

My reward for investing into the system is a degrade. Unless you folks do something to fix the system, many of your loyal c-points consumers are going to feel punished.

Since the first day I arrived, my account has always been connected to Perfect World.

I have always maintained a balance that sits between 1,000 to 2,000 c-points. Once I go below a certain threshold, I buy more virtual c-points to keep the balance at a constant level.

Also, I have been apart of this family for over four months, so I think I have proven to be a loyal consumer.

Why did I suddenly lose certain posting privileges?

::: ADDED EDIT :::
I just sent out a ticket. Maybe I will get some answers.

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