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03-26-2009, 02:32 AM
I worked in radio too. PR to boot. I would agree that the first contest wasn't handled well (and as a runner up I am of course very disappointed). I would agree with Wynn that it would only take a moment to let people know who the runner's up were in the first contest. And, presumably, since they have been able to fix the technical problems (as they are now awarding runner ups) I don't understand why they wouldn't fix the flop by simply announcing the two winners and adding the forum titles.
However - someone's resignation is a serious thing. One mistake isn't enough. Perhaps it is big. Perhaps even repetitive. But whomever Awen reports to must make that decision. Before something as severe as that occurs, I hope that there is at the very least an opportunity for Awen to make good on any mistakes.
Yet that too is a lot to ask. If Awen is more responsibly running the new contests that is enough (though ultimately not the desired outcome). However, from a personal standpoint, if I were Awen I would try to publicly make good on any mistakes. It may have costs more than some have realized (though I'm sure that Cryptic has an idea). For one, I spend less time engaging in this community (I used to post much more frequently - now only coming back every couple of weeks - and even then just checking a few things out).
Others too may have been put off in participating in contests because of the lack of consistency. Some in the community cry "heretic" or "whiner" to someone who has lost enthusiasm. But I've seen it many times before. I was involved in a radio startup that had similiar problems. First promising one thing, and then unable to deliver. That radio station went belly up. Listeners stopped attending events. Ratings dropped - which then meant money did too. The trick to successfully running any PR campaign (essentially what this website is designed to do until launch) is to promise one thing and deliver that and more. In the first contest that did not happen. In fact, the mark was missed by a long shot. That's left a lot of people not really interested in investing a lot into something they can't be sure about. Not to mention the already long history of this game's release (one broken promise after another). Some of us have just decided that it's better just to participate a little more in real life and find other creative outlets.
As cryptic moves forward with these contests (and everything else) it will be that much more important that they show consistency and earnest. Then they can earn back what they've lost and some will find their way back to trust.
I for one have been disappointed with the outcome of the first contest. But the second contest looks much brighter. I can't altogether say that I've been disappointed that I've found other creative outlets either.