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Originally Posted by vicwuff View Post
I want to know where you people are getting the math to back up the idea that the AP weapons are better than phaser. The STF ones, apart from the phaser proc, are identical in every way.
Yep, that even goes for all the STF weapons. Some good advice is to just pick the ones you like the most.

Originally Posted by albinoeatpod View Post
I've seen the phaser proc activate on STFs as recently as yesterday, so they definitely do work.
Yes same here, I have almost always used phasers in STFs :biggrin:

Originally Posted by vicwuff View Post
And you show no math to back up this assertion.

The ONLY difference between photon and AP (because I'm looking at them right this second)
Photon 10% crit damage bonus
AP 30 crit damage bonus
Dont see where you are going with this, photons? If you mean phaser and anti protons yes one has better critical but criticals are just as good as the other proc's in my opinion.