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06-21-2012, 08:42 AM
The solutions are there, and some have been outlined already:

1. Moving a Cannon ability (or Attack Pattern) to the Ensign slot.
That's a significant potential increase in offense or versatility, so balance would be significantly affected.
I wouldn't mind personally, but you can expect much complaining if that came to pass.

2. New Tactical BOFF ability(ies).
Once again, potentially significant increase in offense or defense so unlikely.

3. Making the slot universal.
The obvious problem here is that it makes the FE completely obsolete; Cryptic is usually careful to make c-store ships superior to free ones, but not strictly superior (i.e. they can always say "Z ship is better than X ship is most ways but X ship has Y feature that Z ship doesn't"); with Universal Ensigns, they can't anymore:
The Defiant-R becomes a FE with 13% more turnrate, more inertia, 5% more Shields and a Cloak (ok, it still has less Crew, but that's hardly major).

4. Making subsystem targetting work with Cannons and Turrets.
There's no way this isn't a reasonable request and it at least gives some option for that 3rd Ensign slot.

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