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06-21-2012, 10:02 AM
*All vessels arrive around the asteroid base and their fleet. *

Open fire, everything we have.

*Shelana begins coordinating the tactical teams all over the fleet Tzenkethi ships are being obliterated*

All escort vessels and attack ships begin your runs, all fighters being your lateral runs. Ship to ship countermeasures begin operating on Theta 4 I want their defenses disabled.

*Outside the Odyssey Bridge the entire fleet is moving around the Tzenkethi stronghold, their foe unable to bring up their shields and defense systems begin to become overwhelmed as their targets begin moving around in a circular fashion and then being picked off by mini escort fleets and fighters.*

Fire Phasers and rotate their modulation on a microsecond scale, torpedo room fire Photon torpedoes.

Ops Officer: Admiral their forces are now down by 39% and falling. Our combat readiness is still at optimum levels. Their communications are blocked.

Keep it that way Commander we don't want any surprises.

MACO teams get your shuttles prepped for launch and all teams to their posts.