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Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
Core connect and the Core program enable it's users to communicate between each other. It also opens up additional Accolades and rewards you are able to get out of Perfect World Games. The accolades and points you earn with the CORE achievements can be spent on Special items for the games you play. Usually special Costumes from CORE or XP potions maybe a rare mount. They are earned up automatically while playing and adding to your account. So now You will have Cryptic Points (purchasable with Zen), Energy Credits, Gold Pressed Latnum, Dilithium, Lobi, Annnnd Core(usable out of game)

CORE's Friend and Guild list also enables (When Activated for Star Trek Online... *eyes pwebranflakes* will enable its players to show what fleets they are in, also to friend up and be able to if the CORE program is downloaded Communicate together outside of the game in an additional way, like chat rooms and Instant messages. CORE is basically like Facebook for Perfect World. It has some nice features when Activated. It is NOT activated for any of the Cryptic Studio games yet. But I am sure it will be in the future. As for being here for Cryptic Games. I believe you Mean, Perfect World Games. It's time to accept the Fact Cryptic is now a subsidiary of Perfect World and now part of Perfect Worlds North American Branch(Perfect World Entertainment).
Thanks for the explanation.

As far as what I'm here for goes, I said "Cryptic games" little g, not "Cryptic Games" capital G. Meaning the games that were developed by the Cryptic Studios subsidiary and not the other games PWE is known for.