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Perhaps I'm assuming that you are all more informed than you are. Let me get a few background facts down:

Phaser: 2.5% chance to disable a random subsystem
Disruptor: 2.5% chance to lower the targets hull damage resistance by 10% for 15 sec
Plasma: 2.5% chance to apply a non-stacking damage-over-time debuff
Polaron: 2.5% chance to reduce all enemy subsystem power levels by 25
Tetryon: 2.5% chance to deal additional shield damage
Antiproton: 20% increased critical severity

These can be roughly grouped into two kinds of weapons:

Weapons that affect shield and/or weapon systems: Tetryon, Polaron, Phaser.

Weapons that increase hull damage: Antiproton, Disruptor, Plasma.

Are we all in agreement so far? So, to continue a little further, there are three primary kinds of combat that we can currently engage in: PVP, STF PVE and non STF PVE. I'm going to discard non-stf PVE as a consideration because it is trivial at level cap.

So here is my assumption: In PVP, the first weapon category (shield/weapon system affecting weapons) are the optimal weapons, with the second category(barring Plasma weapons) being very close behind.

In PVE, the second category (barring Plasma weapons) is optimal for the lowest Time To Kill, specifically because the majority of borg damage is Hull damage.

Now don't get me wrong, the shield/weapon systems category 'can' still be used effectively in STFs. The 2.5% phaser and polaron proc will reduce incoming damage and help kill the enemy shields. If reducing incoming damage is what you want to do, by all means use the phaser/polaron weapons. However, from a Time To Kill perspective in STF PVE, the anti shield/weapon system weapons are a few percentage points worse than Antiproton and Disruptor weapons.

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