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Why not? Infinite combinations, infinite possibilities. i think the Federation could use a few variants on the assault cruisers or star cruisers and turn them in to flight deck cruisers.

i'm hoping the Typhoon becomes a dedicated carrier or command ship.
I'm all for that argument. In the long term I would like to see more ships of "equal" balance on both sides, not just favoring one as has been with Starfleet since the get-go.

In all fairness, you are ok with the Feds getting more ships before the KDF?

Because if you are, and if you use the same old argument that because everyone plays Feds, which is not a valid argument by any means, it goes to prove a long standing proposition.

The Feds are very satisfied.

Before the carriers made their way Fedside, I remember reading countless threads about how once the Feds got the carrier, they would start moaning about how weak is was, how unfair it is that the KDF are so OP.

And here we are.