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03-26-2009, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by minago View Post
Cryptic did a good enough job doing that over the weekend involving champions .
who cares pretty much hits it on the head.
I read the post from Massively and i have to say i agree with Mr Sulic in matters of LAN mode.
LAN mode means people are gonna use tools like hamachi and other stuff to emulate a LAN network over the internet and to use cracks and other stuff to play them illegally, I know it, i have seen it a thousand times, it is close to custom here in germany....
So I can uderstand anyone who says, our game is only open for multiplayer over the internet and anyone who wants a LAN only mode obviously wants to abuse it, because that is the only reason anyone would want a lan mode in ecplicit. Even largescale LAN parties have internet and you can log on to validate keys and stuff, and if players want a better ping, then hosting a game on the internet does not exclude joining via internet but still having the direct connection.

About the recruitment of betatestetrs on CoH/V forum/PMs, I don'T care a bit, because in my opinion a game should be able to withstand the comparison to another game and that is what this ultimately is about. Maybe is was not legitimate to do so, but i think if CoH/V is such a low game that players who played it for months/years will simply drop it and go to CO then they really deserve it.

And ultimately. what does it have to do with STO? nothing.
They are making a good game and i give nothing on it if they mess up somewere else...

Besides I like people who make a little mistake from time to time, after all who likes somebody who slaps you in the face with his perfection....