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Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
Not really no. I'll use my Armitage class as an example, I run 2 DCs and 2 Photons in the front. When the first fires, there is a global cooldown of 2 seconds, this is for all torpedoes. Meaning that after the first one fires, 2 seconds later the second will fire.

Photons have a 6 second cooldown without doff assistance. Using 3 purple torpedo doffs, your chances of that first launcher going from 6 seconds to 2 seconds is pretty decent. Purple doffs can sheer 5 seconds off of your torpedo cooldown time, meaning it comes down to 1 second for a photon to fire. But since there is a global cooldown, you can only hit the 2 second mark.
So you use photons... I never really considered that because they always have lower yield, but I imagine that the combination of doff enhancement AND the lower CD offsets the difference. I may have to try that - once I manage to get some purple doffs. Thanks for the input. :smile:
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