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looks at the battle from his ships view screen.

admiral allen all my forces are ready to move in.

looks at lt. Masan.

this is going to well. we arent this lucky as bad as it may sound we just arent.
Their ships are half crippled thanks to countermeasures, and our fire. Their base however... That is proving hard, but we have made leeway.

*Ship rumbles*

Ops:The enemy fire has begun concentrating on the carriers. Only moderate damage and a loss of 15 fighters.

Return fire concentrate on the weakest point in their defenses we are going to make a bridge for the shuttle squads and our ground troops. This war ends today no one else is going to die for nothing. Colonel your orders are to search and destroy all cloning facilities and ship yards, then move on to their data hub and capture it, The second wave of troops will reinforce you for the assault on the main facilities. You will accompany me when attacking the main room. Leave the stranger to me, I have unfinished business with him.

*Outside the Tzenkethi fleet is being battered by repeated enemy fire and inability to lockon to a target and the combined fleet circling about them. More of their vessels are destroyed.*

Ops: Their battle lines are falling throughout the field we are now able to break a line through them to enter the base.

Very Good have the Fleet stop and prepare their ground teams and launch them. I will be joining them on the second wave. Captain when that happens you will be in command of the ship and the fleet.

Shelana: Yes sir.

*stands up to leave the bridge and when he reaches the turbo lift he is joined by Commander Kara.*


Kara:Stay safe Admiral.. Please?

Of course Kara I will.