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Aboard the USS Potemkin....

Straan studied his ops panel hard. Although the battle was raging hard outside, the Potemkin was on the outer fringes, picking up survivors of destroyed allied ships.

But Straan did not care for that now. He was waiting for a signal. If the plan worked, he would be remembered as a hero, a revolutionary. His name would live on as the person who turned the tide in the battle.

The hull of the Tzenkethi flagship went below 50%. The time had come.

Straan acted as though he was heading up the bridge to look up something, but, when he was behind everyone, he pulled out his phaser and set it to kill.

Firing before anyone had a chance to react, the dead crew members lay at his feet. Locking the turbo lifts, he activated the transporter, which revealed four Tzenkethi soldiers hiding in the matrix.

"Take us next to the Oddessy class flagship," Straan commanded. "Their shields are operating on frequency 428.3. When they remodulate, their control code is 97635. The code will give us complete control of the ship. If they give us trouble, activate the code, and turn off environmental controls. That ship will soon be ours."

"All Federation ships that we now control checking in, sir," one soldier said.

"Good. Have we arrived at the Oddessy?"

The tactical Tzenkethi nodded.

"Fire at will."
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