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The Tzenkethi admiral stared at his chart. Straan thought himself great, he chuckled, he didn't know how little he was...

"The MACOs are finding it hard to advance," one officer said.

The admiral replied, "Let them pass. Set the road to here with mines, then activate our secret weapon. Jjsiiuy, have you hacked in yet?"

The crewman nodded. "The android's brain was simple. A few 'minor' adjustments, and now I have complete control of him."

On the Oddessy..

The android shuddered a bit on the bridge.

Are you all right, shelena asked.

Yes sir. His fingers flew faster then ever. He then said, I am reporting a security breach on Deck 22, section baker. The Potemkin may have beamed over boarders before its destruction.

Send a securit detail over, shelena said. Be careful.

However, they crew did not know the android had secretly transported a phaser on overload there. The last thing the security saw was instead of boarders, the chief engineer standing over his console, before they were all blown out into the vacuum.
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