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# 1 EVE style overview needed
06-21-2012, 02:12 PM
ok i know its not "needed" but it would be so very much nicer if i could actualy glance to the side of my screen and know exactly what is on grid and how far away and allow me to actualy select them insted of having to either tab through all the targets to get to the one i want or just visualy look for them and select, particuly with those annoying plasma torps that you NEED to locate quickly to deal with before they hit you and there is useualy a borg cube in the way.

Also the would be very usefull for carrier pilots so that one can order the fighters/BOP's to attack one target while being able to use your carriers abuilitys and weapons on a seperate target, like useing your grav well and guns on probes from one of the STF's while your fighters go and kill off the transformers and nanite generators.

of course that overview would be more LCARS like for STO :-P