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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Honestly, the current system encourages skipping sets. There's no real reason to collect Mk X gear. Even with Omega Force where you get a costume, you get the same costume with more pieces at Mk XI. (It isn't like you'd want to go back and get Mk X.)
While I agree the current system encourages skipping sets, when I start running a character through ground for the first time I generally buy the MK X set right off the bat and ignore the MK XI unless I get rare tech.

Reasons for this:

1) I collect the necessary EDCs from Space STFs first, I largely prefer space to ground.

2) Running ground without the instant remod makes ground even less enjoyable - it's a borderline must-have IMO.

So for the price of 60, as opposed to 120, EDCs I can grab the MK X set which is not all that much inferior to the MK XI set - and I get the most important bit of all, instant re-modulation.

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