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Originally Posted by q403 View Post
Hi Evil70th, Q400 here. I am writing to you on my alternate account as I cannot log onto my Q400 account on the forums due to this forum thing and account linking. I would like to know if you could switch Hunter/Killer:2/5 with The Omega Theorm. I would still like you to review this mission, but I have to rebuild it because of astounding bugs.

The Omega Theorm
10-15 minutes

The Omega Molecule has resurfaced, along with the Borg. Can you thwart the Borgs sinister attempts and secure The Omega Molecule?

All custom maps. brings the first mission I am proud of.
Hi author formerly known as Q400, :wink:

Thanks for the review request. Your mission is currently 13th in the queue behind nrobbiec. I am planning on getting back into the queue this weekend and will get to this mission as soon as I can.

Thanks for authoring,
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