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# 1 Release Notes: June 22, 2012
06-21-2012, 04:40 PM

+ Updated the Dilithium store:
.....o Added the Cardassian Spiral Wave Disruptor to Special Items.
..........- This item is only purchaseable by someone who owns a Galor.
.....o Added the EV suits to Special Items and also to the Armor category under Ground Equipment.
+ The Photonic Bridge Officer is now contained within a Requisition Pack when purchased, and can therefore be traded until unpacked.
+ The STF store has been updated to sell Split Beam Antiproton weapons in the rifle category at Mk XI and XII.
+ T'Pren on Memory Alpha can now remove any excess inventory that a player may have by dropping and re-adding the mission to acquire multiple non-discardable tutorial samples.
+ The entry to the Orias system is now only usable by Fed players on the mission "The New Link."
+ There is now an Info option when right-clicking on items in the Account Bank.
+ Removed the Discard option from item right-click menu when the item is in a guild bank.
+ The Armitage has been updated so that aft weapons now properly fire correctly when the Oslo struts are used.

Duty Officers:

+ Added a new Federation-only duty officer assignment chain "Caitian Diaspora".
.....o It rewards a purple Caitian Flight Deck Officer with a new active roster power.
.....o It also provides access to a repeatable assignment for additional flight deck officers and a repeatable assignment for higher-Mark melee weapons.
+ Added a new KDF-only duty officer assignment chain "Unforgiven of Ferasa".
.....o It rewards a purple Ferasan Flight Deck Officer with a new active roster power.
.....o It also provides access to a repeatable assignment for additional flight deck officers and a repeatable assignment for higher-Mark melee weapons.
+ Updated description text on original Flight Deck duty officer active roster power that suggested the reduction in cooldown for Boarding Parties and carrier relaunches was only a chance.
.....o This is only a text change.
+ Your Ferasan Duty Officers have all been to the groomers and they've all had their portraits re-taken to show off their new tattoos, jewelry, and fur colors.
+ Added active roster power to Research Lab Scientists.
.....o Reflective Particles has a chance to cause a Jam Sensors effect on anyone affected by your Charged Particle Burst.
+ Added Flight Deck Officers to Commendation Vendors for Starfleet players.
.....o They can be found under the Military commendation category.
.....o In an attempt to balance this new offering, KDF vendors have gained a few new commendation options in their Military category as well.
+ Resolved issue with magnitudes on the Nurse version of Shipboard Triage.
+ Industrial Energy Cell trade assignments now reward the correct, higher, number of commodities.
+ Updated text reference in Asylum on Andoria assignment to spell the name of the planet correctly.
+ Updated text reference in Attend Banking Conference on Bolarus to spell the name of the planet correctly.
+ Added a new KDF Prisoner assignment from KDF Security Officer contact on Qo'noS.
+ Added a new Holodeck Performance of Hamlet from your ship interior Operations officer.
.....o A critical success on the non-repeatable version of this will result in a handcrafted purple Photonic duty officer.
.....o Yes, the KDF one is in the original Klingon.
+ Removed Decipher assignment from Children's Toy assignment sequence.
.....o This means once you get the Strange Artifact - however you get it - you simply go to your Science Officer on your ship interior to infuse it.
.....o Added more explanatory text to Strange Artifact and Powered Alien Artifact items.


+ Increased the stack size on all DS9 Device Consumables from 20 to 50.
+ Resolved a typo in the Aegis sets Reactive Shielding.
+ Resolved typos in the Borg Arm description.
+ All Mk IX Tricobalt Torpedoes will now display the correct rarity and color overlay for their quality.
+ Resolved a typo in Thoron Pulse and Jam Sensors tooltip and description.
+ Updated damage on Fek'ihri S'Kul Fighters ramming power for both NPC and player deployable versions.
.....o Only the warp core breach power was affecting the target.
.....o The damage float shown was actually the fighters own HP as it dies.
.....o This has all been resolved, and the Fek'ihri S'Kul Fighters will do much more damage now on impact.
+ All STF Ground 2-Piece Active Powers now share a 20-second Cooldown Category.
.....o Activating any of the following will place all others from this list into a 20-second cooldown:
..........- Distortion Field (OMEGA)
..........- Adrenal Booster (KHG)
..........- Emergency Shield Capacitor (MACO)
+ The IDIC Tribble can now be used by Klingon Engineering Bridge Officers.
+ Corrected set descriptions for the Omega Force set.
.....o "The Cure" - Space
..........- All assimilated Klingon ships have been brought in-line with other STF Borg critters
..........- Reduced innate damage bonuses of Negh'var and Raptors.
..........- Removed Negh'Var's ability to Critically Hit.
..........- Reduced hit points of Raptors.
+ Updated the Bridge Officer Medical Tricorder ability.
.....o Ranks 2-8 were healing less than Rank 1.
.....o This affects only the Bridge Offcier version of Medical Tricorder, not the player version.
+ Updated the descriptions on "Directed Energy Distribution Manifold" and "Pre-Fire Chamber" tactical consoles to accurately reflect their true bonuses.
.....o Previous description for both read "+xx% Energy Damage"
.....o New descriptions will read "+xx% Beam Weapon Damage" and "+xx% Cannon Weapon Damage"
.....o NOTE: This is a display change only - the effects of these consoles already functioned in this manner.
+ Players are now able to discard the "Anti-Borg Unstable Matrix" if they so choose.