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03-26-2009, 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by Coldsteel6d View Post
I did leave the bar/cantina setting out but it was on purpose. The 300 word limit dictated that much had to be cut and I chose to cut flavor (the personal setting) in favor of facts and description. Since I assumed that the information I provided would be used at a later date to add content to the game I wanted to make sure that I gave enough info to achieve this end.

IMO that's why TheHybrid was over on words he added content and flavor. His story was a much better read. Mine was kinda dry and Wiki like.

As long as he keeps his beta slot then I guess its cool. Maybe he will let me be his wingman in beta. I can ram with the best of em.
Just out of interest, did you save the "original" version of the entry, i'd love to read the full, perhaps just to compare it with TheHybrids on a fair basis =]

Congratulations by the way, you certainly make a good second winner, no doubt.