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03-26-2009, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by TreffnonX View Post
Just out of interest, did you save the "original" version of the entry, i'd love to read the full, perhaps just to compare it with TheHybrids on a fair basis =]

Congratulations by the way, you certainly make a good second winner, no doubt.
No I don't have it. Unfortunately I do my editing on the fly so it was always changing. There were no "copies per say just one work that changed until the final version emerged.

But I can say that the flavor elements of my story were not as good as Thehybrids. He would have won the thing for sure if my "original" were compared to his winning entry. At least I think so. I have always been better at getting an original or unique idea down on paper then i have been at telling a good story.