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Originally Posted by adrianasrx View Post
Your Join Date on the forums has NO effect on the amount of time subscribed, and if just has to do with bragging rights about when you joined STO get over it
actaully I disagree. I had people cop the same attitude in game.

The thing about the date was it didnt make people special. It just gave you a clue they have been around. So if they are really pissed about its probably been brewing for a while or its actually something the devs may have screwed up. I would take that more seriously than someone griping who joined well after FTP is probably an over sugared tween saying X thing sucks. It also help when getting advice on game systems. Someone around since 2010 is probably a more authoritative source than someone from May.

Another example is KDF play. People who joined before a certain date had to level a toon from the get go. So people who have been around know all the changes that have happened over the years.

A corallary would be post count. Like if I see someone has like 12K posts then I know they are a forum monkey and can disregard anything they say