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06-21-2012, 10:24 PM
Originally Posted by defalus View Post
Try spamming spacebar on ground stfs.:tongue:

But seriously though, it's about a sense of achievment which I believe can add to a game, having elite stfs allowing player to earn MK XII sets will make them more than just another daily dilithium grind.
I'm afraid I can't agree there. The "sense of achievement" wears off phenomenally quickly once you've realised that you haven't gotten the XII set because you're fantastic at the games, but because you happened to roll a hard six with the die. Don't confuse "achievement" with "luck". I managed to pull a full ground set in four days of playing on my main toon, yet I've been trying for months to get the same set on alts.

I'd imagine that a player who has ground 300 stfs for the proto tech is just as experienced a player and worthy of the set as someone who has ground out 300 EDCs (I know they probably wouldn't cost that much, but go with it) for the same set.

Making the XII sets EDC dependent would make it entirely a question of dedication, commitment and skill. As it stands it's more to do with how lucky you are at the end of a run. For me there's no achievement in staring at my stack of 3 proto shield techs, and wondering why the hell I haven't gotten a single other tech.