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No problem since I keep separate word docs as my reports. It makes it easier if the author comes back with a specific question or concern. I also use FRAPS to take screen grabs of dialogue so I can double check myself later if needed.

1. Don?t worry soon you?ll be up in the review window. I?m not sure how fast but soon.

2.I merely stated I do not team up with others for reviews. It makes it more difficult to do my reviews, because coordinating times to meet is difficult, and if someone accidently clicks a button the dialogue flashes by unread.

As for teaming up for fighting purposes it is not practical for the reasons I stated above. The higher level mobs are okay in moderation. Generally if the mobs get progressively harder as the player goes through them that is perfectly fine. However if there are dozens of high level mobs throughout a mission which causes a player to get killed over and over and over it may be too much. I would recommend not building mission engagements for multiple players. If one person comes in and plays it and is not able to get past the fight they will probably drop your mission and give it a low rating. If I feel it is very hard on normal mode then it would probably impossible on Elite. Again, my reports are only recommendations, what the author does with those is up to them.

3.Again, I recommend you exercise caution when making mobs too strong for a single player for the same reasons as stated above. I am not sure what the benefit of adding mobs off the mission path would be used for. In my opinion it would be a distraction from the overall mission you are trying to achieve. In the end the author has to decide how to tell their story. I can only make recommendations Oh, and I always carry frequency modulators.

Thanks for authoring,
1. Actually I was puzzled by that fact :tongue:

2. I wanted it to stay challenging for the players that were smart (or cowardly?) enough to take on some assistance, however this kinda screwed up those that weren't that bright :smile:

3. The mobs off the mission path are for a placeholder objective, and can't be reached without one of the following: Caitian, Supply Cache ability, extreme luck as well as observation. This is because the hidden mobs are in fact several captain-grade Borg mobs designed to kill a specially spawned Orion mob for the final objective on the map; this was implemented so that I could apply a branching dialogue depending on storyline whilst still keeping the ability to have a degree of control over when the map ends. Unfortunately, even those mobs aren't enough to rapidly assassinate the Orion ensign-grade mob, so there will be a slight delay between the end of the dialogue and the transfer-to-next-map prompt. However, the first 10 people to reach the room (before or after the Borg spawn) will receive 5000 energy credits (currently 9 remaining). They will need to send me an ingame mail with the appropriate code :biggrin:

Edit: Once again, I will state that the mobs were optimised for people who both used the emergency holograms and released K'rek - the other storylines will be increasingly challenging, scaling with the strength (difficulty) of the allied mobs - K'rek being a Captain-grade unit in all the mobs, and the various other characters appearing as Commanders, Lieutenants, and Ensigns at random.

K'rek does NOT appear with any allies unless his mob has been specifically optimised for assistance from the Explorer's crew, as seen in the Askaid-Onde MDC combination during the first map that uses him - the bridge battle uses separate mobs for K'rek and the Explorer crew no matter what.
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