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There seems to be some confusion with Perfect World's ZEN system and how to turn ZEN into C-Points. I'll go through the process of how to purchase and transfer ZEN to STO with pictures, just in case.

[SIZE="4"]Step 1 - Purchasing ZEN[/SIZE]

Note: You must be logged into a Perfect World Entertainment account to be able to purchase and transfer ZEN.

At the top of the STO website, you'll see the navigation bar. On the navigation bar you'll see a "Charge ZEN" button. Hover over this, then click "Purchase ZEN".

Next, you'll see the following screen. (Payment processors may vary per region. The below screenshot is of the European Region.)

Select your desired payment processor and the form will automatically take you to the next step. Once your payment processor is selected, you'll be presented with the following page with the different amounts of ZEN you can purchase.

Note: 1 USD is equal to 100 ZEN. 100 ZEN is equal to 80 C-Points. 0.90 EUR is also equal to 100 ZEN. There is no increase on C-Points to the dollar.

Once you've selected your amount, click "Checkout" and you'll be taken to the payment processor you chose earlier to purchase your ZEN. After the transaction is completed, you'll be returned to Perfect World Entertainment's website.

Note: If this is your first purchase, you may be subject to a fraud check. This usually takes a few minutes but may take up to 24-48 hours to complete.

[SIZE="4"]Step 2 - Transferring your ZEN to Star Trek Online[/SIZE]

Once your ZEN has been delivered, you're ready to transfer it.

Under the "Charge ZEN" menu again, click "My Wallet".

You'll be taken to your Perfect World wallet and you'll be able to check your balance and see how much ZEN you've purchased previously. This is also where the transfer happens.

From the drop down list, select Star Trek Online, then select the server, and finally, how much ZEN you'd like to transfer. Then hit transfer.

A popup will appear for you to confirm the details of the transfer, confirm it and you're done! You can now purchase items from the C-Store.