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I'd suggest Anti-proton over disruptor. On disruptor Proc, you get a 10% damage debuff. A MKXII disruptor beam bank would only do an extra 264 over the course of 15 seconds.(Assuming every single beam hits!) You'll never do all of that damage and if your fighting a fast BoP that might not be many hits at all. That's not a game changing amount of damage for a 15 second stretch.

Take anti-proton, you crit. That's 50% standard crit severity + 20% crit severity or a minimum extra 123 damage, instantly. These are the only beams who's bonuses can be further buffed by your gear.

The assimilated console inherently improves this beams procs % and damage. All accuracy modifiers improve your crit severity and damage in general. And any time your opponent is moving slowly increases accuracy, which increases crit severity, resulting in more damage. Attack Patten Alpha also increases crit chance. Borg antiproton beam arrays come with an improved hit chance.

What does all this mean? You're critH buffs can ensure you crit on 5%+ of your attacks. Which means you'll be criting way more often than you will through other procs. And anything that adds to crit severity increases the power of the beams proc. Cut out the middle men procs and stick with the beam that does what it's supposed to do best, hurt stuff.

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