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06-22-2012, 05:57 AM
Want to PvP? Want to like to PvP? There is one lesson you should learn... and learn fast:

In PvP, players die!

Sounds obvious? Sounds simple? Trust me, it's not! In PvE, you have fun when something dies, and you don't have fun when you die yourself. If you go into PvP with this philosophy, you will hate it!

In PvP, you will die more than you will kill. this is a fact. (unless you make your way into the top 5 players). Learning to embrace death will give you peace of mind. Know that in some matches, your impact will be negligable. Your chances of making a difference marginal. Your respawn button frequent.

Find a way to enjoy such matches too, or at least to tolerate and accept them. It will save you a lot of pain, and you won't have to buy a new keyboard after smashing your old one!

Also, remember that some players, when working together, can achieve a level of skill that is beyond comprehension. This is to be expected. Teamplay is extremely powerful in STO. It doesnt necessarily mean that they have different gear/abilities than you, just that they know all the little things and synchronize perfectly.

And remember, if everything else fails, BraceForImpact+EvasiveManeuvers+RammingSPEED!!!