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06-22-2012, 06:55 AM
Originally Posted by ashleyaddiction View Post
Your join date is set from when you first post on the forums. So if you didn't post until July, it'd be Jul 2012.
Der de Der award #1 here. While yes the "New" join dates are based on the first post on the "new" Forums. Just a few of us played/Posted before June 2012. I know that this can be a Complex concept, but I'm sure you'll remain clueless.
Originally Posted by maverick65 View Post
So people quit your moaning and groaning and just play a good FREE game and quit ******** so much ----let the people at PWE do their job. If you are unhappy then leave....OR wise up play the game and have fun.
Der de Der Award #2 right here. While yes the game is "Free" now, sadly some of us Joined and Played in 2010, when it wasn't Free. So yes enjoy your free Game, some of us Paid for it to develop into this abomination.

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