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06-22-2012, 07:18 AM
I noticed you said you are an engineer in an oddy, OP and that you are new, and seem quite enthusiastic to learn about pvp.

So the above link is a link to my Cruiser Thread. It's probably the most comprehensive cruiser build thread on these forums, and if I may be so bold, it's the best one on the forums as well.
I wrote it, just for guys like you, guys eager to learn and just got that addiction known as pvp.

In the thread you'll find a myriad of subjects covered by myself and a host of other players. (who helped me not only through their various inputs over the course of the thread, but also by being my test subjects over the last couple of years) Things from Ability Tray Layouts, to Doffs, to Skill Specializations, to Ship Loadouts.

While I have not covered -everything- yet, chances are there is something in this thread that will appeal to you. Also, you don't have to try to search the thread all at once, there is a table of contents post, that gives you ready links to everything (it's linked towards the end of my original post)

I do need to get around to copy and pasting all of the info though, since with the PWE forum migration I can no longer edit and update my table of contents, which means eventually, there will be a ton of links that I can't put in the TOC. In the mean time however, enjoy!

And I am glad to see a new face in pvp, that wants to learn and enjoys the game
Also join the organizedpvp channel. Click the little people icon on the bottom right corner of your chat box, click chat settings, open the channels tab, and type in OrganizedPVP in the "join/create" spot then click join. You'll find people to pvp with, or get help from.

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