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From what I understand we'll soon be able to promote our boffs to captains, provided we have an available character slot. (My understanding can and has been wrong, so if this is not the case I apologise for wasting people's time.)

The thought of promoting a boff to a captain is a really cool idea. I really like the possibility of having an Aenar, Breen or even Jem'Hadar captain. Hats off to the person who gave this idea the green light.

I have a suggestion to hopefully make this awesome idea even better, Cryptic/PWE. Can you please allow the super-duper rare ships to be transferred to new captains? (Super-duper = ships like Jem'Hadar, D'Kora and Galor. Basically things that can't be easily obtained.)

Why? Well, I would love to have my Jem'Hadar ship captained by a Jem'Hadar, of course!! To have to try and obtain another bug ship to make this happen is not really that easy a task. Being able to transfer these specialist ships would really mean a lot to the people who are going to make use of this upcoming game feature.

Ordinary ships being transferred, well, they're easily obtainable from the shipyards, so I can't imagine the need to allow these to be transferred.

Consoles and the like I can understand not being allowed to be transferred. Getting new consoles will also give us something to do. I would also like an exception to this rule, though. Paid consoles, like the Ferengi set, should be allowed to be transferred. Yes, I know that you could make people have to buy them again for the new toon but seeing as lobi are character bound, this would seem very unfair. (Only slightly less unfair if lobi became account bound.)

To prevent this sort of thing to be abused, you could place controls on it, such as a limit of two ship transfers per account. That or place the ship transfer function on the C-store.

Thoughts, people?

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