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# 1 Give us some more skill points
06-22-2012, 08:16 AM
How about giving us a few more skill points to spend? I know Cryptic are not wanting to give us any more points until they are happy that there are good new things to spend them on. But i think for our current vice admiral levels, we are a little short.

I have respec'd my characters many times. I have tried many a different build and tactics, weapons, bridge officer skills and ships. But no matter how I set my ship up etc, I always fall short of a few skill points. I understand that you can put a point or two less in a certain skill and make up those skill points by adding a certain item to make up for it. For example ( I put one less point in my shield emiiters and make it back by putting on a Maco prototype shield and it will give me 18 emitter points back.)

But no matter how i set my ship up i always feel that i could do with another 10,000 points or so. 10,000 Points is not a lot to ask for! It wouldn't be over kill and it would just help players expand a little on their current setups.

Thanks for reading. Holyhelmet