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Originally Posted by shanksboy View Post
Hi Captains,

This is my first post and i thought i had better write one after my first venture into PVP.

So i run an engi odyssey and i have been getting bored of running STF's all the time so i thought lets try pvp. I played two games, one arena and the second was capture and hold.

First game i thought not bad our team lost 15-13 but i enjoyed it. My healing was the highest of both teams and i thought yup this is wot an engi should be doing. Then came capture and hold..we were decimated, didnt get 1 cap and i was being ripped to shreds. The game finished and i ususally say my customary good game in chat to everyone, but this time i didnt i went a bit further. I said good game and added that it was my first time trying it. Left the game then i got a private message..."here we go" i thought, im going to recieve some msg like learn to play the game, your a noob etc etc.

Well i was pleasently suprised by the message as it was from someone on the other side congratulating on a good game and if i need any tips just ask. So i did...cut a long story short for thenext hour he helped go through my build and explain stuff like stacking consolest and doff powers to utilize my carrier to be a real force..His name was "Beiber" and he was part of the sad panda cubs (i believe).

So i would like to say a big THANK YOU to him and to all other players who take the time to help other fellow captains out and to show there are some really decent ppl on this game, not morons who constantly complain and abuse other players (STF).

So THANK YOU for the time and you sir are a gentleman and a scholar......thanks

This is a prime example of what happens then STFers come over to PVP..and why PvP is said to be "dying" (PvP is not dying..Skill within the community is dying). First of all theres no "Skill" involved on STFs not to mention very little teamwork, so its not that hard to run a Elite in mediocre gear. Problem is people do them religiously get macked out in STF gear with STF builds and a STF mindset then come to PvP and get Schooled then get all mad. surprisingly the OP seemed to of handled it well.

And as a Engi cruiser such as the OP..hopefully u got the Operations Ody as it is hands down the best both offensively and defensively..and the only real place for an engi in this game (not much use for engis in STO atm) is to grab as much aggro as possible and to tank/heal.