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# 552 There I was..........
06-22-2012, 10:46 AM
In case you haven't noticed ALL of the posts from the Cryptic site were archived. And whos complaining? We're having fun sharing our horrid stories about middle schoolers and farmers in the STFs. If you don't like having fun, tuff.

There I was............ (They need to add a few emoticons)

Cure Normal Space once again.

I enter and say 'HI' as usual and head off to the first cube.

I look back, NOBODY's Moving!

Four oddys setting there picking their noses and haven't moved an inch. :frown:

I say, 'Uh Anyone doing anything or is it all up to me?'

Nobody responds.

I kill a node and a couple borge ships and head off to the Kang.

Someone says, 'You should have waited for the rest of us so we could plan our attack?'

I Say, 'Huh? This is a normal what's to plan.'

They all just set there.

So I just sat at the kang and killed borg by myself until the optional went bye bye.

The four oddys were hitting need every time something came up.

I typed, 'see there, it doesn't take four ships to protect the Kang' (Being sarcastic)

The same guy typed, 'You still lost the optional.'

I said, 'what a noobe.' and bailed.

After I bailed someone PM's me and said, 'Thanks for all the stuff.'

I put him on ignore. :smile: