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Originally Posted by holyhelmet View Post
I have respec'd my characters many times. I have tried many a different build and tactics, weapons, bridge officer skills and ships. But no matter how I set my ship up etc, I always fall short of a few skill points. I understand that you can put a point or two less in a certain skill and make up those skill points by adding a certain item to make up for it. For example ( I put one less point in my shield emiiters and make it back by putting on a Maco prototype shield and it will give me 18 emitter points back.)

But no matter how i set my ship up i always feel that i could do with another 10,000 points or so. 10,000 Points is not a lot to ask for! It wouldn't be over kill and it would just help players expand a little on their current setups.
Not that I don't agree with you, but this is the whole point. They calculated everything so that your character would still have weaknesses and shortcomings when you reach level 50.

When I first started the game 2 years ago, I had unknowingly distributed some of my skill points into areas that didn't actually serve me any benefit as a tactical officer. I didn't know about the engineering skills that boost your energy levels on your ship, nor did I know that energy levels would be so important.

I respected my character and specialized myself to make better use of those skills, and now my character is as optimized for space combat DPS as much as possible. My warp core, shields, and engine energy factors are maxed out. My damage and critical hits for energy and projectile weapons are maxed out. My weapons energy falls just short of being full. I had to take out points from my hull strength and resistances to get there.

Cryptic intended for it to be this way. If players had more skill points to spend, they could make themselves entirely overpowered.