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06-22-2012, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by sollaf View Post
They had to bring the prices down, (we'll not actually, but it was smart), the prices droped because there is no additonal prize for opening this pack. Becides the new packs has a lot better Doffs, and I wouldn't mind that ship.
there is the point, since the Cryptic and PWE merge, out of all the changes made, how many were "smart moves"?

the very forums your posting on are a prime example, this upset a lot of people like so many other changes as of late have.

they could have just followed the recent trend of bad moves and put an extra 100cp on the price of the new packs, people would have still paid for them like they have done with the keys for the lock boxes.

hopefully, this is the start of something special for STO, changes and ideas that make the game feel more valuable and not so cheap.
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