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06-22-2012, 11:41 AM
Several reasons I can think of.

First, that the Armitage rounds out the 'Top of the Line' ship grouping that the Odyssey and Atrox formed, being the ships that Engineer and Science commanders could aspire to as the final goals in their careers. The Armitage gave Tactical commanders a ship of their own in this level of play. As such, making it a RA ship would make it seem anything but 'The Best Tactical Ship in the Fleet!'.

Second, that the Armitage's abilities put it at least on par with the other VA ships, and very possibly above all of them. Making it an RA ship would call into question why it was considered a lower-teir ship, as well as cause it to be compared to the other RA C-store ships instead of the VA ships it was built to fight alongside.

Third, that the game developers wanted to make sure this ship was only usable by characters who had finished leveling, and as a vessel only the very best-trained commanders in Starfleet would be trusted with.

Lastly, because the developers are trying to add end-game content for players who have already 'done it all', and so must make all new content stream into end-game levels to keep up with players' short attention span (takes months to make up a new end-game content, that players scream isn't enough when they finish it inside a week).

All that aside, the ship is already so capable that many consider it 'above VA', so I can imagine what people would be doing to the forums if this thing was rated 'Just RA'.

My opinion, of course.