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Originally Posted by ofdpt23p13 View Post
With the new Fleet Starbases coming into game sometime along the line here, will there be a Dilithium Deposit in which fleets can make donations into the bank for the fleet progression? If not, is there any way that we can get that into game anyways?
As I understand it, there WILL be a dilithium deposit needed for starbase progression. However, it is not a 'stored' pool of dilithium. Fleet members can contribute to progression by 'donating' dilithium, but this dilithium is simply consumed upon donation, and counted towards the total dilithium required to progress. It isn't 'stored' for later use. They have said there will be a leaderboard where you can see who has donated and how much.

Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
contribute to fleet projects the effects the same and you don't get a leader raiding the bank for his own advantage
Are you talking about the fleet store where the new ships will be sold? From what has been said, you will need fleet credits to buy from the fleet store. A fleet leader cannot simply just raid the store. He still needs the fleet credits to buy it. And the only way to get fleet credits is to donate stuff that is used towards starbase progression.
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