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I believe that my build could use some work. I am Vice Admiral and regularly running Special Task Force missions to get Borg Salvage and Tech. So, my build is mainly focused on spread damage like Torpedo Spread, Cannon Scatter Volley, and Beam Fire at Will. However, I could use some insight in how to make my layout a bit better for my Advanced Escort.

Cmdr Tactical:Beam Target Shields I, Beam Fire at Will II, Attack Pattern Delta II, Attack Pattern Omega III
Lt Cmdr Tactical: Tactical Team I, Cannon Scatter Volley I, Torpedo Spread III (Jem'Hadar)
Lt Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields I, Reverse Shield Polarity I
Lt Science: Science Team I, Hazard Emitters II
Ens Science: Transfer Shield Strength I
Fore Weapon loadout (recommended Antiproton or Phaser energy type): 1x Dual Beam Bank, 3x Dual Heavy Cannon. You may supplement one DHC with a Photon Torpedo if you throw in the Nadeon Detonator and/or Armitage Spread console. Quantums work well if you don't have either of these devices. If you choose this option, replace the Dual Beam Bank with another Dual Heavy Cannon.

Rear Weapon loadout (recommended Antiproton or Phaser energy type): 3x Turrets

Replace Beam - Target Shields I with a second Tactical Team I. Greater damage output and targeting an NPC's shields is a bit of a useless point, they'll drop too fast to matter.

Replace Beam - Fire At Will II with Cannon - Rapid Fire I. Take advantage of the damage potential of cannons.

Replace Attack Pattern Delta II with Attack Pattern Omega I. Omega protects against tractor beams, which Borg spam a LOT, as well as providing a very nice damage and maneuverability buff. This saves your Commander slot for something more useful as well.

Replace Attack Pattern Omega III with Attack Pattern Beta III. Far greater damage output, particularly alongside stacked Fire On My Marks.

Replace Cannon - Scatter Volley I with a 2nd Cannon - Rapid Fire I. Keep a constant spray to burn down targets far faster.

Keep Torpedo Spread III if you chose to keep the torpedo. If not, replace it with Beam Overload III and swap a DHC for a Dual Beam Bank.

Science looks good.

Engineer - you ALWAYS want 2x Emergency Power to Shields. No exceptions.

Replace Transfer Shield Strength I with Emergency Power to Shields I.

Replace Reverse Shield Polarity I (excellent skill, but more useful in PvP than PvE) with Engineering Team II to compliment some form of hull heal, because the Borg will be stripping your shields quite a bit and you can't rely 100% on them.

Hope these suggestions with explanations help.