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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
That's news to me. My understanding was that we could promote upcoming boffs into their own ships and send them on assignments like we do currently with doffs.

At least that;s how I understood it.

I know making playable boffs has been asked for previously as well but I don't recall any real feedback on that.
Both have been mentioned previously, but neither one is going to happen any time soon.

They talked about promoting First Officer to Playable Captain. It's a nice idea, but something tells me it will never happen, or that they'll have to build in exceptions so that you can't promote a special BO like a Liberated Borg or a Jem'Hadar or a Breen or a cross-faction BO.

They also talked about Command-type scenarios where you could lead your BO's into space battles like a small squadron. I like the notion, but there are some basic questions I'd have regarding the feasibility...

1. Space abilities largely come from BO's on station. If your BO's are commanding ships, where are their bridge officers coming from? If your commanding BO needs four more BO's of their own, that's 5 BO's per ship times 4 ships. 20 BO's???

2. If some of your BO's are commanding ships, and you are flying your own ship, what BO's are you using?

3. If your BO ships aren't actually using your other BO's as crew, then how do you determine what abilities those ships have?