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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
The flashlight shines an actual dynamic light when on High (and I think Medium) settings. On Low settings, it drops the light (necessitated by the graphics card) and instead draws what we call a splat. Basically a texture that looks similar to a light splash, projected from the flashlight's position, in the direction you're pointing. Admittedly, this looks much worse than the actual light does.

The EV suits are lacking the splat, and unfortunately, on low end, just drop the light entirely.
That's alright, the splat doesn't actually help you see anything. When I was running at lower graphic settings, I kept trying to use it to help me see during the mission you get it in before finally figuring out it was easier just to go without it.

And then later when I was able to actually play with higher graphic settings, I realized why some people found it useful when it seemed useless to me.
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