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Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
That would be why I'm looking for feedback ;-)

Emergency to Shields feels redundant, with ST1, RSP2 and TSS2 my shields are pretty solid.

Doffs I'm holding judgement on until I've explored the new ones properly.
While you do have some shield heals it's very fundamental and pretty important that you have those shield resists because you won't be "tanking" very well without them. If it were me I'd drop EPTW2 and RSP2 for two copies of EPTS.

Also you have 3 beam powers (FAW1, FAW2 and BO3) which all share the same cooldown. You won't be able to cycle them properly and should probably drop one because you are rendering one of those powers useless. Just stick with two. There are still some good options for that other tactical BO power which you can use.

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