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# 5 Set Items Theory 2.0
06-22-2012, 06:10 PM
Set Items By now you are probably wondering "mav... or anyone what set do I get? There's so many out there!"

The Answer? Is a little complicated and easy at the same time. It depends on what you are after.
I really really recommend going with either 3 piece borg and Maco shield fedside (pretty standard setup gives you great longevity)

Or consider 2 piece Omega and 2 pieces Borg.

Unfortunately this isn't even a choice that's as much tied to your own build as what your team mates are packing as to what really works best for you and your group of friends. (and trust me you really want to start pvping with friends... or make some friends while pvping. There's pugging and winning.. then there's being part of a team, and -knowing- your team mates. Obvious tactical benefits aside, mmos are ultimately a social experience and there's no better one out there imo than sto pvp with friends)

For example, if your team is already loaded for bear with control spam (such as CPB, Shockwave, Gravity well PANDAS I AM LOOKING AT YOU ) 3 Piece borg and Maco might be your best bet as to minimize the "Oh **** I need a heal!" moments. Your team is already overkilling crowd control anyway and when your targets don't have any shields as it is... one more Tet glider won't make much of a difference.

However if your team is lacking in crowd control (like say 2 Escorts 2 Sci or god help you 3 Escorts a Sci and you) a 2 piece borg 2 piece Omega might be your best bet. You need all the cc you can cram in. The regenerative shields of say Borg or Omega (if you go borg shields, go Borg Shield, Borg Console, Omega Deflector and Engine. If you go Omega shield, go Omega Engine with it and Borg Deflector and Console) are still fairly stout on a max or near max shield power cruiser and are honestly a little less vulnerable overall to Tetryon Gliders, Tetryon Procs, Tachyon beam3, and CPB drains as they spring back incredibly quickly. Sure you are a little more vulnerable to burst from an Escort but no setup is truly perfect shield wise.

"What do I run without these borg / stf sets though?" I really recommend the old school MK X purple shields like Resilient Cap3s, Covariant Cap3s, or Regenerative cap 3s, and purple X deflectors or blue XIs. Pre Purple Shields, I recommend MK XI or X Covariant Cap2s at least to get you by for shields.

Notice what I left off the table here? Aegis and Breen. That's cause both of them are Junk. Like not even a little junk they are total junk. Okay, I'll be fair the Aegis is an almost stop gap till you get your borg stuff its got a really nice Deflector that adds to shield power and has some decent skill bonuses and the engine isn't terrible. Breen stuff though... that's irredeemably bad. It's not even as good as "normal" gear in all honesty.
Do note that if you do run Aegis deflector I might shoot for the borg shield or Maco shield first in your stf gear. The Borg shield cause you'll get another +5 shield power (meaning now you have +10 over someone without that stuff, +14 shield power if you have the shield power console too and they don't have the shield power console) which allows you to put power into either your Weapons, Aux or Engines. Engines are a good idea if you are running DPS hybrid with your ship, as is it's a good option for Control ships. This will help mitigate the gear disadvantage you have till you can get your better equipment. While the maco will give you +2 to everything when you are being shot at. Giving you a still nifty bonus but great resistance to damage. I'll leave the visual of what your power levels will look like if your EPTX bonus power doff procs with all this going on for yourself. (+29/+26 to your shield power on the proc and static bonuses alone... throw on the EPTS boost now... Yeah. Crazy. Lots of room to play there)