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06-22-2012, 05:11 PM
Every cruiser that has even one eng team, ASIF or Hazard emitters Needs 2 SIF Generators for the builds I've discussed so far. They tremendously boost your healing capability. To not have them is almost criminal. RCS? Only put on a control focused AC and then I wouldn't run more than 2, at max.

Another very solid console layout is 2 SIF Generators, and 2 Armors. I prefer Tetraburnium coupled with Diburnium for my armors as this gives you ridiculous resists to all energy types, with abit more leaning on Phasers and disruptors.

Sci Consoles, Field Generator at least one of these is mandatory, Borg Console can fit in here as well. For builds where the DPS isn't as important, you can move the Borg out and put in either a Shield Emitters console, or another Field Generator. Oddy's for example I recommend 2 to 4 Field Generators, couple that with a regen shield and the oddy's OP shield modifier and you get some insane shield tanking, at very low effort on your behalf, which means more heals for everyone else.

Tactical Consoles, for Damage and Control, as many energy consoles as you can stuff in here. For healing, any cstore consoles, and the borg and maybe an energy console.