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# 8 Pure Cloak Team Klinks 101
06-22-2012, 05:12 PM
Klink Cruisers, tend to operate on different tactical doctrines to their federation counter parts. The best klink cruisers in my opinion maximize burst dps potential while maintaining either strong healing, or strong crowd control potential. The reason for this stems from the basic tactical doctrine of klink teams. Skilled Klink teams are all about that surprise alpha strike. They roll a target, and roll another one hopefully before the enemy even knows what hit them. (QEW was famous for this and if you don't know who they were, just ask around. 99 percent of us hardened pvpers have at least one horror story of QEW decloaking and savaging half or more of our team on their initial strike runs.. and this was before the pay to win shenanigans klinks are capable of now.)

Once the enemy team has been reduced by 40 percent, klinks tend to either be able to fade away and start again, or since the enemy's numbers have been reduced dramatically in seconds flat, they set up zone control and overwhelm the remaining 3 players preferably before the original 2 dead guys are even back from respawning yet and have their power levels ready. Someone should -always- be dying to a klink team that's operating hot in theory until the first klink dies or is maimed so badly that they have to retreat.

Which is why it's important for klinks to know when to GTFO in my opinion. The subsequent posts for klink cruiser builds will attempt to maximize these traits primarily.

Sci Cruisers tend to be fail for feds, but can work decently for klink teams all because of that initial strike capability so there will be more sci cruiser options here. (especially since both the Karfi and Voquv exist) For the most part I will avoid listing the various Pay To Win Methods, just straight up ship builds. It's more important to have a ship that can kick *** and take names on it's own merit than to crutch your way to victory. Because if you have to then later throw on the crutches you're just going to be all the more unstoppable for it.