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# 10 Star Cruisers 1st post. 2.0
06-22-2012, 05:14 PM
Tactical Captains skip this post after the following Public Service Announcement.

Public Service Announcement If You are A Tactical Captain And You Are In A Star Cruiser. Get Out Of It. NOW. I don't mean later or tomorrow I mean literally right now. Get out of your ship take your toys off of it, Discharge it and buy an Assault Cruiser or Excelsior, or go find an Escort. Seriously. This is not the ship for you. Nothing you do will work in it. I'm sorry, but it's true.

This Concludes our Public Service Announcement brought to you by OPVP and weeping Escorts everywhere.

This post is just for Star Cruisers.

Much Like my AC cruiser posts, however I'm only doing one SC one. I would go insane if I covered this ship too much (I'm a tac.. I murder people... most of opvp knows this just mentioning me and flying heal ship makes me cringe).

The Star Cruiser is debatable the best heal cruiser in the game. Especially Fed Side. In my opinion it is the best heal cruiser on the fed side. (the Neb is classified as the Sci Ship after all) However aside from the standard Harmless Healer role, that it is primarily seen in, it can be made to sub in some control. It's not as effective as a Control AC, at zone denial and control but it is capable, and is still at least as good of a healer as the AC while the AC is more of a dps and control ship.

The Standard Heal Bot layout.
Cmdr, EPTS1, EPTS2, ASIF2, Extend Shields 3
Lt Cmdr, EPTA1/ET1, EPTS2, ET3

Lt Tac. APD1, Tactical Team.

LT Sci, Transfer Shield Strength1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Ens. Sci Team1/ Hazard 1.

Alt choices, LT SCi. Transfer Shields 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Transfer Shields 1.
Tertiary Alt. Lt Sci, Sci Team 1, Transfer Shields2, Ensign, Sci Team 1

Console load out should follow the standard heal boat pattern I posted before. Shields, and Set. Maco/Omega/Borg shield with 3 other borg pieces.

Doffs, same as standard healing setup as above. (see why that got posted first? It was so I can be lazy later!)

Now someone somewhere out there is moaning "But Mav I don't want to heal in this thing Damn it man. Gimme something"
Here is where you can break the mold abit with the Star Cruiser.


Cmdr Engineering
EPTA1, EPTS2, Extend Shields2, Eject Warp Plasma 3
Lt Cmdr Eng
Eng Team 1, Aux to structural integrity 1 1/Aux To damp1, Eng Team 3.

Lt Tac, Tac Team, Attack Pattern Delta1 (APD1)
LT SCI, Transfer Shields strength1, Transfer Shield Strength 2 Alternate Sci Team 1, TSS2
Ens sci. Tractor Beam. Alternate Hazard Emitters 1

Now, before my fellow OPVPers bust out laughing their faces off. Here is why this setup can work. You can greatly reduce the CD of Emergency Power to Shields with the proper DOFF. You are going to want. No Need This Doff This doff is called the Damage control engineer. Get as good of quality or as many of these as you can, as well as the + to power level doff for it to work, and the Brace For Impact Doffs. This allows you to get away with one of each emergency power, as you can pretty reliably kick them into global with it.

"But that doesn't fix the horrid turn rate and flight speed!" It requires abit of fancy flying to use, but you wanted something non standard but functional. It will take some trick flying at times but it's pretty worth it once you get to pulling it off.

It's abit more healy still than the control AC. But the AC is more agile, and has more dps. Other Doff considerations are, the deflector cooldown reducing doff.

Consoles. Eng Consoles same as the standard above. Sci of course field emitter, and 2 particle generator consoles. tactical 1 energy or cstore console, and borg console.

Set Item. for most teams I recommend Maco and 3 Borg. Unless you have a secondary healer handy, then go 2 borg and 2 omega.

Power Levels /25 weapons /75 shields /25 Engines /75 Aux. Both ships.
Devices, Engine batteries, Shield Batteries, Subspace field mod, weapon battery (lol).
Control Devices, Engine, Shield, Subspace field mod, Deuterium.

These are the two that I know that work pretty well and that was waaay before Doffs came in to make things better, there's variations of them that also work but these I've tried at one point or another. Sci toons can work in the last setup, with aux to Damp going, and sci fleet to boost the teams and their own shield resistances to massive levels and throw dampening field in for that extra kick. Aux To Damp means that you'll actually get to see your sub nuc get used more than once in a blue moon. (think of it like flying a much better healing DSSV with better hull points and decent control that happens to be stun/repel immune for abit)