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# 13 Neghvar Basics
06-22-2012, 05:17 PM
Now that we've had the slight Oddy tangent (which I do intend on touching back on in the future. I want the Neghvar and some other ships done first). First a public service announcement.

Public Service Announcement Tac Captains this really isn't the ship for you in terms of optimization. You really really should be in a Vorcha if you are going to roll in a cruiser on the kdf side. It has the base turn rate, superior inertia, and bridge officer layout for your needs. This is pretty much a sci and engi cruiser.

Something to remember about the Vorcha and the Neghvar

The Neghvar is the other T5 Klink Cruiser. I won't lie, this thing is far better than the Fed counterpart, the Failaxy. But only due to the fed counterpart being a terrible nay horrible ship. (The Failaxy and it's Gal X variant I am not going to cover. They are Horrible ships and you shouldn't be flying one as anything but a vanity item, I'm not enabling that sort of behavior!) Equal in shields, and hull to fed cruisers, but with a far superior turn rate. However, it has among the worst Inertia scores in the game at a meager 25. But Mav how much difference does 5 Inertia really make? Oh god. If you thought your Assault Cruiser was a pig you ain't seen nothing yet, the Negvhar's Inertia is -so- bad compared to it's turn rate that you will often lose a hefty portion of your defense score during aerial maneuvers when you are really trying to crank it. I'm not kidding. All of the Neghvar builds covered here, assume the klink team doesn't want any non cloakers.

Technically this thing can mount Dual Heavies. I really really don't recommend this though. The lowest you should be going on firing angle on this thing is Dual Beams. It's slow, and it's incredibly stall prone. The Neghvar in my opinion is for that klink team that really wants all their ships to be cloak capable, and still be more heal friendly than the Vorcha. In a surprise butt secks style team I rank this ship over non MESed carriers but only barely as carriers have the superior sci slots for healing and that's not mentioning the Siphon Drones and Tachyon Drone shenanigans, and the orion cruiser is a star cruiser clone. (which I'll touch on later as there are some slight differences)

I wouldn't bother putting a torpedo on this ship as you'll have to combat general torp user issues, as well as this things incredibly gimped inertia score.

The Weapon Loadout, I would try the following, 2 Dual Beams, and 4 beam arrays or try 4 Dual Beams 3 turrets and a beam array. Dual beams drain abit more power than Cannons, which is why I would back the rear turret count down to 3. It also gives you a wider angle for beam overloads (which is actually starting to make a comeback). While the former layout gives you a very good Fire At Will ship. You could also try 8 beams, as you -will- have the slot potentially for two emergency power to weapons1s.

There's three schools on the Neghvar, much like most cruisers. The Damage boat, (which has healing as a very strong secondary), the Heal Bot (imo pure healing isn't going to carry you and your team mates all the way to the top with as good as high end sto pvp teams have become), the Control Boat (which subs in Dps, or Healing depending on what the team is lacking on)

Shields, Omega or KHG
Deflector, Omega
Engine Omega or Borg.
Yes the glider really is that OP. Assuming hell freezes over and Crytpic gives the Glider a kick in the junk like it so rightfully deserves
Shields KHG
Deflector, Borg
Engine Borg

Energy Type, I really recommend either Disruptors or Tetryons. Disruptors for obvious hull debuff when enemy shields -will- collapse from your glider cheese. Tets to bring shields down even faster.

Power Levels.
Damage, 80 Weapons, 70 Shields, 25 engine, 25 aux
Heal 25 Weapons, 70 Shields, 25 engines, 80 aux.
Tertiary, 25 Weapons, 75 shields, 75 Engines, 25 Aux
Post Tertiary, 75 weapons, 25 shields, 25 engines, 75 Aux.

The Control Boat.
Cmdr Eject Warp Plasma 3, Extend Shields 2, EPTS2, EPTW1/EPTA1.

Lt Cmdr, EPTS1, Aux to Damp1, ET3 Or if there's no photonic shockwaves on the enemy team. EPTW1/EPTA1, ASIF1, ET3 Sci might want to consider RSP inplace of Aux to damp as well.

for an even more control happy ship, you can try the following in ltcmdr. EPTS1, ET2, Warp Plasma 1. This allows you to chain warp plas constantly.

Ens. EPTW1/EPTA1. Which ever one you don't have 2 of already.

LT Sci. Transfer Shield Strength 1 and 2. Or Sci Team1, TSS2.
Lt Tac. Tac Team, FAW2 or Tac Team, Beam Overload 2. (latter if you have dbbs anywhere)

Damage Boat
Cmdr Eng
EPTS1, EPTS2, Extend Shields 2, DEM3
Lt Cmdr
EPTW1, Aux To damp, ET3 Sci captains might want to put RSP in place of Aux to Damp

Lt Sci
Transfer shields 1 and 2.

Tac, Tac Team, Beam overload 2. Tac Team, FAW2, or FAW1, FAW2, BeamOverload1 and 2.

Heal Bot
Cmdr, EPTS1, EPTS2, ASIF2, Extend Shields 3
Lt Cmdr, EPTA1, Aux to damp1, ET3
Ens, EPTA1

Lt Sci Transfer Shield strength1, Transfer Shield Strength2 or Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength2

Doffs. 2 Shield Distribution Doffs (blue preferably), 2 Maintance Engineers (blue preferably), 1 Warp Plasma Doff (if you are running warp plasma) if not that doff then either the bonus power level doff (warp core theorist I believe) or a third shield distribution doff.