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# 16 third Oddy post Cstore
06-22-2012, 05:19 PM
This is the final (for now) Oddy build I'm going to quick cover. I left lil hints of it here and there up till now, but I feel it's time to complete it before I move on to the Orion Ball Sack, and the Voquv Carrier.

This Oddy, is a heal boat, however unlike my previous Oddy suggestions this one is backed around Shield Healing and shield resistance. Shield tanking, is the name of the game in STO pvp. The longer your shields can stay up, or be propped up the less heavy damage you will be taking. The shield healing Oddy, is great when coupled with science based healing, sci fleet skill, or even simply a second cruiser that has the more conventional ET3s at its disposal.

Weapons, Really they aren't all that important. But, I'd run anything but plasma. ACCX2 + CrtH, or CrtD will suffice here. To keep power drain to a minimum for sci captains, I'd run 6 beams, and a torp forward, and mine launcher aft. or 2 mine launchers aft. If you run a torp, obviously go Chroniton.

Deflector, Borg
Engine Borg
Shield, Omega, Borg, or Maco

Consoles, 1 Armors, 3 SIF Generators
3 Field Generators 1 Borg.
2 Energy.

Cmdr Eng: EPtS 1, EPTS2, Extend 2, Aux to SIF 3 Or EPTA1, EPTS2, ET3, ASIF3

LtC Sci: HE 1, TSS 2, Sci Team 3 Or He1, TSS2, TSS3

Lt Sci: Tractorbeam, Hazard Emitters 2 Alternate, Tractor beam1, Transfer Shield Strength2

Ens Sci: Transfer Shield Strength 1 Alternate Hazard Emitters1

controller variant LtC Sci, Tractor Beam1, Transfer Shield Strength 2 Tractor Beam Repulsor2/ Grav Well 1
Lt Sci: Hazard Emitters1, Tractor Beam Repulsor1
Ens Sci: Hazard 1.

Lt Tac: TacTeam 1, AP: Delta 1/FAW 2/Torp Spread 2

Doffs, 1 blue and 1 purple Development lab scientist, or 2 blues and a white. Warp Core Engineer, and lastly Shield Distribution officer. (if you have the first doff in blue and purp add a second Shield Distribution officer)

Devices, Aux Batteries, Subspace field mod, Deuterium
Power Settings
Offense 100 weapons, 50 shields, 25 engine 25 aux
Defense 25 weapons 75 shields, 25 engines, 75 Aux
Healer 25 weapons, 50 shields, 25 engines, 100 aux

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