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# 23 New Table Of Contents.
06-22-2012, 05:35 PM Introduction.. which you've just read :tongue:

Skills, Weapon power, Doffs, Items, consoles, and tactics Skill Specializations, for Sci, Engineers and Tacs. What skill ranks actually do for you Duty Officers Set Items Theory 101 Consoles 101. Ability Tray Loadouts Weapon Power Calculations. Cloaking Klink Teams Tactical Doctrine

Standard Cruisers and Cstore Cruisers DPS Hybrid Healer/Controller. Oddys, Assault Cruisers, and Vorchas Primarily. Starcruisers 101 Basics of Excelsiors Vorchas. :smile: Another Vorcha post Yet more Vorcha.. Noticing a pattern here yet? Drunksnewvorcha (seriously cryptic just put the Fleet Vorcha in the cstore. Just look at how many vorcha posts we have here already!) Negvhar Pyrokinetic Neghvar Q special Oddy Cstore Oddy#1 Cstore Oddy 2 Don'tdrunkimshoots oddy dontdrunkimshoots gal R Drunks Excelsior Heal Controller AC, Bortas, Oddy, and Vorcha. (what my current AC build is)

The Carriers Karfi Voquv Atrox

lockbox Ferengi Dkora

Fleet Ships The Fleet Vorcha Prototype. Dontdrunkimshoot's Fleet Vorcha Prototype. Fleet Ktinga. Good tac build. Good engi too. Dontdrunkbuild.

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