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06-22-2012, 05:35 PM
Honestly, the Zen system is the dumbest in-game monetary system I've ever seen.

Instead of click a button and get C-Store points while still in the STO UI you now have to exit the game, go through a series of pages.

After that, you wait for them to review it (only if you have a character above level 10 and have played for one week). Then they put it in your wallet. You can't use it yet, though, oh no, you have to go into ANOTHER website, access your account, sift through all PWE games, transfer the Zen. Wait for the transfer and /THEN/ the exchange rate is 100 Zen to 80 Cryptic Points.

So instead of making it simple, easy, non-immersion breaking, and encouraging people to use it like it used to it's the most insane, convoluted system I've ever seen.