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Originally Posted by mirrorseacat View Post
the Equinox from Voyager could drop its shields for about 30-45 seconds, and completely remodulate them and bring them back up. so something like that

so you could drop you shields for say 4 seconds completely and when they come back online you get max shields with high regen and damage resistance for say 15seconds?

Sort of like the Ablative Armour, only for shields. would give you a chance to plow through an enemy group and out the other side to draw their attn.

Very nice idea -
A) definitely science feel to it
B) worthwhile power not in game yet (or something close to it anyway)
C) Actually used in canon by the ship that would get it.
D) Also has the advantage of being easier to balance than a lot of the console powers - since you are very open to attack while it is working. Though I guess it would make hull plating a more important power again.

Although I got the impression that any ship could do this, its just that in a traditional space fight it would be nearly suicide. I could be wrong though.

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